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9v9 Football Pitch Line Marking

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An amateur game of football played between 2 teams of 9 players, normally U11 and U12. The object of the game is to kick the ball into the opponent's goal.

PITCH MEASUREMENT: Recommended pitch size is 80yds long by 50yds wide.


HALF WAY LINE: Centre of the field of play.

CENTRE CIRCLE: Radius of 7yds from the centre of the field, with the centre mark in the middle.

PENALTY KICK MARK: 9yds from the goal line, on both sides of the pitch. The mark is 22cm (9in) in diameter.

PENALTY AREA ARCS: From the penalty kick mark at a radius of 7yds.

PENALTY AREA: From the centre of the goalpost 13yds long by 32yds wide.

CORNER ARCS: Radius of 1m (1yd)

GOAL AREA: From the centre of the goal post 4yds long from each goalpost by 14yds wide.

GOALPOSTS: Recommended goalpost size is 7ft high from the ground to the bottom of the crossbar and 16ft apart. The posts and crossbar are not to exceed 12cm (5") wide and must be white. Nets maybe attached to the goal and to the ground behind the goal.

LINE WIDTH: 12cm (5in) maximum, the goal-line is marked the same width as the goalposts.

COLOUR: Traditionally white but not specified. If cross marked on a larger pitch the FA recommends using blue for the 9v9 pitch.

There are numerous options for cross marking a 9v9 pitch within a larger pitch.