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Badminton Court Line Marking

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Badminton is a game played on a court with a net strung across the middle, a racket and a shuttlecock. This game may be played with two as singles or four as doubles.

COURT MEASUREMENT: 13.4m long (14.65yds) by 6.1 m (6.67yds) wide including line widths.

DIAGONAL LENGTH: 14.72m (16.10yds)

CENTRE LINE: 4.64m (5.03yds) long, from the back boundary line, running parallel to the sidelines directly in the middle of the court and meet perpendicular at the short service lines.

SHORT SERVICE LINE: 1.98m (2.17yds) from the centre of the court, on either side of the court.

LONG SERVICE LINE FOR DOUBLES: 72cm (28in) from Back Boundary Line on either side of the court.

LONG SERVICE LINE FOR SINGLES: Same as Back Boundary Lines.

SIDELINES FOR SINGLES: 42cm (16.54in) from sidelines on either side of the court.

OPTIONAL TESTING MARKS: To show the zone in which a shuttle of correct pace lands when tested, an additional four marks 4cm (1.57in) by 4cm (1.57in) may be made inside each sideline for single of right service court, 53cm (20.87in) and 95cm (38.98in) from back boundary line. The width of these marks shall be within the measurement given i.e.: the marks will be from 53cm (20.87in) to 57cm (22.44in) and from 95mm (37.4in) to 99cm (38.98in) from outside boundary line.

LINE WIDTH: 4cm (1.57in) maximum.

COLOUR: Easily distinguishable, preferably white or yellow.