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Cricket Pitch Line Marking

We provide Cricket Pitch Line Marking services across the UK. Please Contact us for a no-obligation quote.

Cricket is an outdoor game played with a ball, bat and wickets between two teams of eleven players. The object of the game is to make runs from one wicket to another.

PITCH AREA: Measures 1.52m (1.64yds) in width on either side of a line joining the centre of the middle stumps of the wickets, 20.12m (22yds) apart.

SYNTHETIC PITCH AREA: Measures a minimum of 17.68m (19.3yds) in length and 1.83m (2yds) in width.

BOWLING CREASE: Marked in line with the stumps at each end and will be 2.64m (2.89yds) in length with the stumps in the centre.

POPPING CREASE: Runs parallel to and is in front of the bowling crease. The back edge of the crease is 1.22m (1.33yds) from the centre of the stumps. It extends to a minimum of 1.83m (2yds) on either side of the line of the wicket and is considered to be unlimited in length.

RETURN CREASE: The inside edge is the crease. It measures 1.22m (1.33yds) minimum behind the wicket and is at right angles with the both ends of the bowling crease. A forward extension is marked to meet the popping crease. It also is considered unlimited in length.

WICKET: The wickets are 20.12m (22yds) apart. Each wicket is 711mm (28in) high, 228.6mm (9in) wide and comprises of three wooden stumps. Two wooden bails are placed on top of the stumps and are not more than 13mm (0.51 in) above them and are 111mm (4.33in) in length.

LINE WIDTH: 2.5cm (0.98in)