Factory Floor & Warehouse Safety Markings

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The Health & Safety Executive requires that potentially hazardous areas in factories & warehouses be clearly marked so that employees are safe and understand their working environment.

Parallel Lines Factory Floors markings

We understand the requirement for factory floor safety marking standards & deliver clearly set out boundaries and walkways by highly experienced, professional team.

In discussion with you we provide cost effective ways to maintain the safety in your factory with quality, durable floor markings. We agree a time scale for the completion of the work with minimal disruption to production & due consideration for machinery.

Don't get caught out...we supply health & safety markings to keep your business running smoothly. See examples in our Gallery

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What are the top 10 points to keep a factory or warehouse floor safe?

  1. Common sense is an invaluable tool
  2. Regular visual inspections always help and are everyone’s responsibility
  3. Invest and prioritise as you would anything that could possibly result in your premises being closed (H & S Exec) and/or your staff coming to harm
  4. Walk through the workplace as your staff do on a day to day basis, going to the restrooms or canteen and think about the implications of being too close to machinery from different angles, or from keeping people away from others that are using working machines.
  5. Trip hazards, such as stock lying around that are not clearly defined might just need a simple line drawn around it. This will help to protect you and your company in the event of an accident
  6. Staircases may require a yellow strip edge on the step to help visually impaired workers from falling on the stairs
  7. Speaking with your staff is another good way of assessing the requirements, they will come up with useful suggestions
  8. Yellow walkways are a sure way to ensure your staffs safety whilst sharing workspace with forklift drivers
  9. Hatching areas where transporting vehicles are likely to be moving
  10. Here is a link to the Health & Safety Executive website where you can find out more http://www.hse.gov.uk

Give us a call and we will advise you on how to best protect your staff and company for the long term

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