Floor Shotblasting: Why this technique is highly effective  

by Debbie Mann

We recently published a blog all about floor shotblasting, a floor cleaning and line removal technique that is perfect for indoor factory floors and markings.

We will be discussing the benefits in more detail and we will also compare this technique with others available on the market.

The floor shotblasting technique is generally inexpensive and is reusable (the steel shot in the machine can be reused time and time again, until it needs to be replaced). Not only this, but because this method efficiently cleans surfaces better and faster than other techniques available, this method offers additional economic advantages.

Shotblasting does not require the use of any harsh chemicals or acids, unlike other techniques, making this method much more environmentally friendly. When this method is conducted in the correct way, little to no dust is emitted during the process, further helping to make this method eco-friendly and the process also has a minimal carbon footprint.

Finally, the shotblasting technique is also highly effective; a clean surface is produced with just one pass of the machine. This makes this technique a time saving process, which achieves high speed line removal without damaging the surface. This method quickly provides an excellent bonding surface for paint to be applied to, promoting better adhesion and reducing coating.


Why you should choose shotblasting over other techniques?

As we have mentioned, shotblasting is one of several floor cleaning and line removal techniques available on the market, but here’s why you should choose shotblasting over other methods.

Hydroblasting - This method, also known as water blasting, uses high-pressure water to remove paint, debris build-up and chemicals. The main drawback to this method is the amount of debris and water it leaves on the surface, compared to shotblasting, which produces little to no dust and collects all debris in the machine.  

Diamond grinding - This method uses grit sanding pads of various sizes attached to a grinding machine, to clean and remove markings from surfaces. However, when compared to shotblasting, this method is much more costly and time consuming.

Thermal Lance - This method use extremely high temperatures to burn line markings off a surface. This method has several disadvantages, including being slow, noisy, creating fume pollution and causing surface damage - all of which shotblasting does not cause, making shotblasting a much more effective method to use.


DIY Floor Cleaning and Line Removal:

All of the various floor cleaning and line removal techniques we have mentioned above, including shotblasting, can be carried out without the use of professional services. We know that many businesses prefer to take a DIY approach to line removal, purchasing the machinery and resources to carry out these techniques themselves.

However, we do not advise this DIY approach.

When seeking to have your line markings removed, it is much better for your business to use a professional, as we will provide you with:

  • More accurate results
  • A team of highly skilled and trained professionals vs. a novice
  • A more cost effective service - it can be more costly for you to buy the equipment yourself than just hiring the professional to do it for you
  • We will work around you - you can continue working and running day-to-day, whilst we provide this service with minimal disruption to the running of your business

Shotblasting is not the sort of work for DIY enthusiasts! It can easily be too aggressive and will require a 3-phase electricity supply; we have a specific generator to deal with this, which is required to start the machine.

10 Sep 2017
Category: News