How do I know if my site needs shot blasting?

Not all jobs we complete require shot blasting before we start. We always ensure the surface is clean and clear ready for line marking, but in some cases shot blasting is highly recommended, and often completely necessary!

Shot blasting doesn’t just clean the surface ready for line marking, it creates the ideal surface for the markings to bond to, and on smooth surfaces it helps to create grip.

If you have old markings already installed these need to be removed prior to marking the new lines; re-marking over old markings isn’t recommended as the markings last for far less time than a properly prepared surface, costing you more time and money in the long run. Depending on the size of the site and the requirements for line marking and shot blasting, we can usually complete the shot blasting and line marking in one day.

Some line marking jobs have required us to remove old line markings due to layout changes; in this instance shot blasting is necessary to remove the old demarcation first to avoid confusion when the site is back in use. Demarcation is vital on sites that has machinery in-situ that needs to be kept separate from people walking past.

During the initial enquiry stages we will ascertain whether shot blasting is going to be necessary as part of the work. We use your photos or in some cases come out for a site visit to determine the work to be carried out. 

If you want to know about the shot blasting and line marking services on offer send your enquiry to us via the Contact Us page.