Multi Use Games Areas  (MUGA’s) - Frequently asked questions

Q. How long will it take to complete our indoor Muga?

A. This will depend on what floor surface you have and how many games you require. Between each court we have to leave a length of time to dry the lines before beginning the next. For a more precise answer email over your requirements and we will get right back to you.

Q. What type of paints is used for line applications?

A. We routinely use the following depending upon the surface:

  • Hard outdoor surface: a Chlorinated rubber or water based Polyurethane.
  • Indoor wood surface:  water based polyurethane paint and a water based hardening varnish.
  • PVC or linoleum surface: a two component polyurethane paint with a strong pigment and matt finish is used.
  • Artificial surfaces: two-component polyurethane that offers good adhesion to artificial turf based polyamide construction. Matt finish and weather resistant.

Q. What paint is used for colour coating outside Tarmacadam?

A. A high quality waterborne acrylic paint that contains an algicide and fungicide. It contains slip resistant properties; it also complies with SAPCA requirements for sport surface coating.

Q. How much notice do we require?

A. We like to have about a weeks notice to ensure we have the correct paint to meet your requirements.