Leaving a leased property and need your flooring returned to neutral?

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If your business has a leased unit and you move premises, chances are it will need some work before it is returned to the owner or landlord.

Shot blasting can return marked or stained indoor and outdoor concrete floors and surfaces back to a neutral state, leaving them clean and clear. If your warehouse or factory floor needs marking, re-marking or returning to its original condition floor preparation is key to achieving the best end result.
If you're health and safety markings that are looking a bit tired, it’s easy to simply have the existing markings painted over. However, in a busy warehouse or factory, with heavy forklift traffic and the movement of stillages and pallets, the new markings wouldn’t last for long because the durability of the new markings is only as good as the paint underneath.

Having to pay for them to be re-painted within a short space of time is much more costly in the long run. Preparing indoor and outdoor surfaces by shot blasting is far more economical before applying the new markings because you have a much better surface for the markings to adhere to.

The shot blasting machine has very small abrasive steel ball bearings that are fired at the surface, gently etching away surface contaminants. You don't have to worry about the clean up because shot blasting is a clean and dust-free process. An integral vacuum removes any dust generated, which is also suitable for use in a food preparation environment.

The finish created by shot blasting depends upon the finish of the existing floor. Older concrete floors when shot blasted have a finish similar to coarse sandpaper. Newer floors when prepared have a finer dimpling, similar to fine sandpaper. Both are ideal for maximum bond of the new painted area or lines.
We use a small handheld shot blaster for smaller spaces and getting near to walls and objects, which allows us to prepare the entire area for marking.
Because we are able to offer a shot blasting service before line marking we can carry out the whole process. This cuts the cost of hiring another company and also reduces the time frame for having work completed from start to finish.

Find out more about shot blasting, floor and surface preparation or contact us to discuss your requirements.