Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA’s) - indoor & outdoor

Line Marking services across the West Midlands and beyond

What is a MUGA?

The term Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA’s) is a term used to describe enclosed indoor and outdoor sports areas using either synthetic, grass or a hard surface (such as tarmac). They have multiple (usually different coloured) line markings for multiple sports such as football, netball, tennis, basketball, etc.

Rural village communities and inner city urban areas can make effective use of MUGA’s where space is limited as well as schools, colleges, hotels, councils and company sports grounds to name a few.

They provide valuable recreation facilities usually constructed with a high perimeter fence. Flood lighting is also a regular feature as this allows the court to be utilised for longer hours and to generate more revenue by renting it out.



Professional Line Marking - Precision is key

Parallel Lines have colour coated and marked out many MUGA’s. Precision is key as any even a small error in the measurements can’t be rectified easily. Using an airless sprayer and a laser guided Beam Rider we ensure that all courts are accurately measured and are 100% exact. This is vital as all games lines overlap.

Using our experience we can provide advice if required. For instance, it can be confusing for players if there are too many lines so be selective and only add lines for sports that are played regularly. The most regularly played sport is often preferred in white, the second most played in blue, and so on.

We are experts

Leave it to the experts and let Parallel lines look after your Multi Use Games area.

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