Paint vs. Thermoplastic: Which should you choose for you line markings?

by Debbie Mann

There are a number of questions that we frequently get asked surrounding our line marking services, with one of the most common questions being whether the client should choose to use paint or thermoplastics for their markings.


Paint can be used in combination with stencils, or our laser guided technology to create colourful designs that meet your requirements.

Paint is a much cheaper alternative to thermoplastics and if you wish to change your markings regularly, paint is the most logical and cost effective option for your markings.

It is more susceptible to fading from the sun and harsh weather conditions than thermoplastics and may have to be regularly refreshed to maintain a bright and bold appearance.

School playground marking



Thermoplastics are extremely durable and long lasting, making the initial cost of this material a worthwhile investment.

 As with paint, thermoplastics can be used with stencils and laser guided technology to create bespoke and colourful designs to meet any line marking requirement or idea you may have. Due to the textured surface that thermoplastics create, they are ideal for playground markings, as they create a safe surface that provides grip in any weather condition.

 Ultimately, both paint and thermoplastics can be used effectively to create accurate and colourful line markings, however the best choice will depend on your budget and your line marking requirements.

16 Apr 2017
Category: Parallel Lines Blog