Give Your School Playground a Refresh this Summer Holiday

by Debbie Mann

The summer holidays is just around the corner! This break gives schools the perfect opportunity to maintain their facilities, to ensure they are in tip top condition for when the children return for the new school year in September.

One facility that schools may overlook when it comes to this maintenance is their playground.

In a previous blog, we have discussed the wide range of benefits that playground markings can have for students. For example, educational playground markings can help students develop and practice skills taught in the classroom, whilst game markings can help children build on their social skills.

Playground markings

Will your school be refreshing your playground markings over the upcoming holidays, or are you looking to add new markings or undergo a complete playground redesign?

We offer a wide range of playground markings, from educational markings and games markings to mini-road markings, which help to teach and reinforce road safety amongst students. 

So, whether your school wishes to refresh your playground markings or add completely new markings over the summer holidays, we can meet your needs and have the work completed before the new school year begins.

Don’t forget to maintain your school playground markings over the summer break, to give your students a fun and safe place where they can play and develop social skills, road safety knowledge and build on the skills they have learnt inside the classroom.

3 Jul 2017
Category: Parallel Lines Blog