Multi-Use Game Areas (MUGAs) - Your Questions Answered

by Debbie Mann

We often receive the same questions from customers, surrounding the MUGAs markings that we offer.

The summer holidays are the perfect time for schools to have any markings they want installed, including MUGAs.

This is why we’ve decided to share this blog, to answer any questions your school may have about MUGAs, to help you decide whether to have one installed before the new school year commences.



What is a MUGA?

This is the first question we want to answer, as MUGAs can be very beneficial to schools, however we often find that schools we speak to and work with are unsure about what they actually are.

In simple terms, Multi Use Game Areas (MUGAs) is a term used to describe enclosed indoor and outdoor sports areas using either a synthetic or hard surface (such as tarmac). They have multiple (usually different coloured) line markings for multiple sports such as football, netball, tennis, basketball, etc.


What are the benefits of a MUGA?

MUGAs are perfect for schools who do not have the space available or budget to mark out individual courts for each sport, as they still allow that school to offer their students a wide range of sporting activities. 


Is a MUGA for indoor or outdoor?

We can mark out a MUGA both indoor and outdoor, on a variety of surfaces including tarmac, wood, PVC or linoleum and artificial or synthetic surfaces. So, whatever surface your school has, we can meet your needs.


How much space is required for a MUGA?

The amount of space required for a MUGA entirely depends on the type of games you would like included in your MUGA.

We offer bespoke line markings to all customers, where we can tailor and create the markings to meet any requirement they may have. So, if your school is extremely limited on space, we can work with you to create the best solution to your line marking requirements.

You can get in touch with us today via email, to discuss requirements and measurements.


How long will it take to mark out a MUGA?

This entirely depends on what floor surface you have and how many games you require. Between each court we have to leave a length of time to dry the lines before beginning the next. However, our team of line marking experts always work hard and go the extra mile to ensure the customer has their line markings completed in time.

For a more precise answer, you can email over your requirements and we will get right back to you.


What type of paint is used to mark out a MUGA?

The type of paint we will use to mark out an MUGA will depend on whether the client has chosen to have it installed indoors or outdoors, as well as the surface the client has.


Here are the paints we usually use for different types of surfaces:

  • Hard outdoor surface: Chlorinated Rubber, Water based Acrylic or Toluene free Acrylic, and we can also use Thermoplastic, but this is rarely used for multi courts.
  • Indoor wood surface:  Water based 2 pack of paint and hardener. 
  • Indoor PVC or linoleum surface: 2 pack Polyurethane, with a Gloss finish.
  • Synthetic surfaces: Water based PMF or Chlorinated Rubber. 


How much notice do you require?

We like to have about a week’s notice to ensure we have the correct paint to meet your requirements.

If you have any more questions about MUGAs that we have not answered in this blog, or you are interested in having a MUGA installed at your school over the summer holidays or any time in the near future, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

25 Jul 2017
Category: Parallel Lines Blog