Fatal injuries and accidents at work: How can you prevent them?

by Debbie Mann

After coming across a report published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), we want to know what you are doing to protect your staff and visitors against injuries and accidents?

In this report, the HSE found that 19 out of the 137 workers that experienced fatal injuries during 2016/17 worked in the manufacturing industry, and a further 14 of the 137 worked in the transport and storage industry.

Having worked extensively with businesses based in both of these industries, we understand the requirements for warehouse and factory floor safety marking standards. 

It is vital that potentially hazardous areas are clearly marked, to ensure that all employees are safe and understand their working environment.

Along with this, the report also found that 31 of the accidents that took place during 2016/17 were due to workers being struck by a moving vehicle.

As well as marking out hazardous areas, your factory or warehouse should also be ensuring that you have markings in place that allow pedestrians and vehicles to operate in the same place safely and effectively. These markings will include safety pedestrian walkways, zebra crossings and clearly marked loading/unloading bays.

Ensure that your factory/warehouse is maintaining the highest level of safety for both your employees and visitors, by having the correct floor markings installed that are both bold and durable.


Warehouse markings

9 Oct 2017
Category: News