Get Your Students Excited and Creative with Play

by Debbie Mann

Playground markings

Is your school looking to refresh your school playground and make it more inviting and engaging for your students?

With the new school year starting, we have the perfect idea to help ease your students back into homework with this fun and unique homework activity.

What better way to get your students excited and creative with play than setting them a homework task to create and draw a game they would like added to their school playground?

You can then select the winning 1 or few designs and with our bespoke line marking service, we can bring their ideas and designs to life. No matter the design or colour, Parallel Lines can add these games to your playground.

We can then add these markings to your playground during the upcoming half term break, so your students return to a completely customised playground.

This is a great way to help your students feel more connected to their school playground and is a great way to get them using their creative skills, as well as their maths skills to draw up their designs, making this a fun and educational activity.

The markings included in your playground are a great way to encourage students to put the skills they have learnt within the classroom into practice and they also help to show a child that learning isn’t just something for inside the classroom.

Playground games, such as hopscotch, help to encourage children to play with one another and build their social skills, whilst helping them to release their energy during break time, so when they return to class, they are calmer and ready to focus.

 If your school is looking to transform your playground, either with this fun bespoke idea, or whether you are simply looking to add some more traditional games and markings to your playground, we can help.

Get in touch today and we can arrange to add these markings at a time that suits you, causing minimal disruption to the day-to-day running of your school.

12 Sep 2018
Category: News