Are your indoor markings in need of a refresh?

by Debbie Mann

Indoor Floor Markings

Have you noticed that your indoor markings are looking dull and worn? We offer a shotblasting service, which can be used to remove old and tired looking markings, to make space for the addition of new markings.

Shotblasting is a technique that involves blasting the floor’s surface, stripping the surface and leaving it clean.

The perfect method for removing markings in any business, factory or warehouse settings, including those based within food production, shotblasting can also be used to create a textured surface, perfect for creating grip that paint can then be applied on top of, increasing the lifespan of the markings added.

The method does not use chemicals and instead fires multiple steel shots at the floor’s surface, removing the paint and a fine layer of the floor’s surface. The debris produced from this process is sucked back into the shotblasting machine, meaning that no debris or dirt will enter the factory/warehouse environment.


This inexpensive method is ideal if you are looking to refresh your factory floor ready for the new year, to keep your markings looking bold and bright to stay within Health and Safety guidelines and regulations, and to also maintain a workplace that looks clean and well maintained, whilst running as efficiently as possible.


If you are interested in our shotblasting service, or any of the other services we offer, get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

30 Oct 2018
Category: News