Road Safety Week 2018 19th - 25th November

by Debbie Mann

Road Safety Week

From the 19th-25th November, Road Safety Week will be taking place across the UK. This week is the UK’s biggest road safety event, coordinated by Brake, the road safety charity.

The aim of the week is to inspire schools, businesses and communities to take action on road safety and start the conversation on what they can do to improve road safety on their own sites/in their own community and how they can spread the word and spread life-saving messages.


We think this week is an amazing way to get people really thinking about Road Safety. You can find out more about the week, the events that are taking place and how you can get involved on the Road Safety Week website.


What is your school doing about road safety?

If this week has inspired your school to review how you safeguard your students whilst on your site and how you are teaching them about road safety, we can help you.


We can work with your school to review the existing markings you have in place at your site, in your car park, the entrances and exits, and with our expertise, can recommend where to make improvements and where new markings should be added to improve safety.

We also offer playground line markings that are the perfect teaching aid for when you are teaching your students about road safety. We can mark out mini roads and crossings on your playground, helping to make learning about road safety much more fun and memorable for your students.


What is your business doing about road safety?

If your business has been inspired to review how you are ensuring the highest level of safety at your site, we can help.


It is your duty to safeguard your employees and visitors whilst they are on your site and line markings can help you to achieve this.

With our expertise, we can work with you to review your site and recommend the best markings to improve safety. We can install a range of markings that help to improve safety on the roads and car parks at your site, such as directional arrows, Zebra crossings, pedestrian safety walkways and cycle lanes, which can help to improve safety for both drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.


However, vehicle safety isn’t just for the outside of your site. If your business has vehicles operating inside your factory or warehouse, you also need to consider whether the markings you currently have in place are providing the highest level of safety.

Similar to the outside of your site, we can add a variety of markings to improve safety, such as directional arrows, Zebra crossings, pedestrian safety walkways, pathways for forklift use only, forklift and vehicle parking and much more.

If you are interested in our line marking services, get in touch today and we can help you improve safety and ensure you are meeting Health and Safety regulations and guidelines.

12 Nov 2018
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