Car park markings - great for customer service

by Debbie Mann

When entering a car park, you want to ensure your visitors know where to park. It can be confusing to turn up somewhere new and not know if you’ve parked in a safe or legal zone.

Having clear car park lines not only prevents this from happening, it ensures that you have the best use of your space for your visitors, preventing situations which can arise from poorly parked cars taking up more space than is needed. 

Having a well laid out and clearly marked car park also creates a great first impression for you and your business.

Marking out the car park allows you to offer disabled bays, drop off or loading zones, delivery spaces, as well as clearly marked no parking zones and directional arrows if a one-way system is in operation. This is all essential for a good experience for your clients when visiting you.

We can help you configure the layout of your car park, even if there are existing markings, and advise you on how to maximise on space. Did you know we can also add your logo to your spaces? This is great for shared car parks with limited parking.


21 May 2019
Category: Parallel Lines Blog