Parallel Lines - Sports Markings Specialists

by Debbie Mann

We specialise in all kinds of sports markings. From indoor sports hall markings, outdoor courts and pitches to Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs) we can mark any court on almost any surface.

If you don’t have the space to have individual courts MUGAs are a great alternative. You can have a number of different courts marked out, the most popular being basketball, tennis, netball, badminton and volleyball. Each sports court marking on a MUGA is marked in a different colour to ensure players know which lines to stay within during play.


Outdoor sports markings need to be refreshed more regularly than indoor sports markings due to the effects of being at the mercy of the elements. The refresh of outdoor sports courts is also dependent on the type of product used to mark the court originally. Paint is cheaper to use and easy to remark but doesn’t last as long as thermoplastic. Although a more expensive option, thermoplastic markings last far longer.


If you need to get sports courts remarked in school holidays it's best to book in advance or arrange an annual refresh; you can find out more about sports markings here.

9 Jul 2019
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