Road Safety Week 2019

by Debbie Mann

This week is Road Safety Week (18-24 November). We are helping to raise awareness of the importance of road safety and the charity Brake.


Every year Brake run a national campaign to raise awareness of the dangers on the roads to drivers and pedestrians, and to remind us all to take care of each other when out and about. The theme for 2019 is Step Up for Safe Streets.

Did you know that every 20 minutes someone is killed or seriously injured on a British road? Even worse than that Brake believe all these tragedies are preventable. They are campaigning for speed limits in some areas to be reduced to 20mph, and for speed limits to be reduced on country roads which are often more hazardous.

As a line marking company we know the importance of having clear markings, which can be understood by everyone. The health and safety and road markings we lay are put in place to help reduce incidents and injuries.

Brake has a quiz you can take to test your knowledge of speeds and stopping distances.

If you want to know more about Brake or Road Safety Week click here.


19 Nov 2019
Category: Parallel Lines Blog