How long does it take to mark a car park?

by Debbie Mann

Car park markings are typically fairly straightforward; clean and clear crisp white lines to be laid, occasionally with some hatching depending on the requirement. 

As with the majority of the line marking jobs we do, the preparation of the surface takes the longest to do. This really isn’t something that can be rushed or that we can cut corners on, as the longevity of the new lines marked is dependent on the quality of the surface marked on.

Not all car parks have full, solid lines, some have partial lines that mark out the corners of a space.

Dirty, damaged or stained surfaces that haven’t been properly prepared have to be refreshed much more frequently than surfaces which are cleaned and clear for marking. From a cost perspective you pay more in the long run when you prioritise the speed of completion over the delivery.

The majority of car park markings can be easily completed in a day or half a day. This is entirely dependent on the size of the site and number of spaces to be marked, and whether there are existing markings to be removed or whether it’s a blank space.

The products used to mark the carpark are also an important consideration. If your carpark is on a tarmac surface we use a hot thermoplastic, for concrete surfaces paint can be used, or a longer-lasting cold thermoplastic (MMA).

Other considerations when marking a carpark are if you need disabled or parent and child spaces, if there are areas that require hatching, or if directional arrows or speed roundels are needed.

13 Dec 2019
Category: Parallel Lines Blog