Parallel Lines New Season as 2013 Gets Underway

by Debbie M

As the new season gets underway we are very proud to say we have had an exceptional year and we are looking forward to the new challenges ahead.


Our Grounds maintenance side of things is going very well and we have some lovely feedback from our schools, and sports-clubs. The weather has presented many challenges for sports this winter as a few of our Rugby and Football pitches have been completely under water for weeks.

In one school the water was half way up the posts. But this is due to a river, not poor drainage I might add. We will get over it for the next season by doing the best we can to improve things where we can.


Cricket is now getting underway and we have started to mow the outfields at least. New wicket mower was purchased this week and a very good, well maintained piece of machinery it is too. Looked after exceptionally well by an elderly cricket fanatic so we are looking forward to using it and taking good care of it.


The other side of the business, line marking, is going very well with many customers returning to us again. We have lots to do as soon as the weather gets warmer and will be hiring soon, so keep a look out for our adverts for staff.


Dominic our apprentice is looking forward to the season, as so far, after joining us in the autumn has had a long cold wet start with us. We say it’s character building, I’m not sure his convinced though.


Don’t forget to book in early for Tennis Court Markings, as what we have found over the last couple of years is everyone leaves it until the last week before Wimbledon. Then we have the Wimbledon rain that’s obligatory. Rain stops work and play. Go on Wimbledon prove us wrong! Watch this space...

22 Mar 2013
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