Parallel Lines went to Bredon school

by Debbie Mann

Great day for Parallel Lines to see Bredon from a different perspective.


One of our clients,  Bredon School, invited us to this years Founders Day that took place at the lovely grounds Pull Court, Bushley, Tewkesbury on 20th July.


What a lovely day! I was so impressed with the pupils I have to write about it.

David Ward the Headmaster was asked what is unique about Bredon and his answer is simple 

"Our students" and what a credit they are to him. 


There is so much going on at Bredon School and every student it seems, is involved in a myriad of courses and adventures.

What impressed me most was the dual respect from teachers and pupils and the way in which Bredon award pupils for effort and not just those that triumph.


With Children working their Farm to a Forest School it really is a good wholesome education.


Bredon has just launched issue 1 of the Bredonian magazine that is packed with the super activities that they get up too.

If you are looking at schools I recommend you look at Bredon


Aerial view of the school grounds near Tewskbury, GloucestershireParallel Lines client grounds in Gloucestershire

7 Aug 2014
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