Personalise your car park with your company logo

by Debbie Mann

Did you know that your car park will most likely be the first part of your business that a customer will see?

This is why it is vital that your business car park has not only been marked out accurately, to help improve a customer’s experience, but that you also consider other ways to enable your car park to make the best possible first impression of your business. 

One possible way that you can achieve this is through adding your logo to car park spaces or designated bays. We can help to personalise and brand your car park to create a corporate and professional finish, helping to form a positive first impression of your business from the moment a client enters your car park.

Adding a business logo to your car park is also ideal for businesses who are located within a business park, to help make it clear to visitors where they need to park when visiting.

If your business is interested in adding a logo to your car park, we can create and mark out any design on a variety of surfaces, whether you require your logo to be added to a handful of spaces, or to every space within your car park.

24 Oct 2016
Category: News