Shot Blasting, Surface Cleaning & Preparation

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Shot blasting is one of the floor and surface preparation techniques we use before marking on concrete. If old markings or lines need to be removed shot blasting, grinding, scabbling or planing provides the ideal surface for demarcation and other markings.

The technique of shot blasting uses very small abrasive steel ball bearings to etch away at the surface. An integral vacuum collects the debris as it is lifted from the surface that ensures this is a dust-free process, which is also suitable to be used in food preparation environments.

If you require a slip-resistant surface properly preparing the floor for marking will help to achieve this, as well as ensuring your markings last as long as possible.

The finish created by shot blasting depends upon the finish of the existing factory/warehouse floor. An older concrete floor when shot blasted has a finish similar to coarse sandpaper, while newer floors when prepared have a finer dimpling, similar to fine sandpaper. Both are ideal for maximum bond of the new painted area or lines.

We use a small handheld shot blaster for smaller spaces and getting near to walls and objects, which allows us to prepare the entire area for marking. If you have old markings on tarmac or other surfaces we use different techniques to prepare the surface for the marking of new lines.

Surface preparation

Shot Blasting creates an ideal surface for factory and warehouse floor markings. Previously painted or lined areas can be cleaned in preparation for new lines and painted areas to be marked. Shot blasting new floors also creates a surface for maximum bond of the paint.

The durability of the new markings are only as good as the surface they are laid on. If you try to over-mark on existing markings they will not last as long as on a properly prepared surface, costing you time and money in the long run when you have to have them re-marked. In busy environments such as factories and warehouses where there is vehicular traffic it is vital to prepare the surfaces properly to ensure the new markings last as long as possible.
Preparation of your indoor floors and outdoor surfaces provides the maximum bond for the markings, increasing their lifespan compared to surfaces that have not been prepared.
We use our expertise to advise you on which floor and surface preparation is the best to suit your needs.

Factory floors

Having clear and consistent factory floor markings is key to ensuring staff and visitors can make their way safely around your site, as well as protecting the workers on the ground. Quite often yellow lines are laid in factories because they are highly visible and can be easily followed. We can conduct site visits in order to assess your needs and to advise you on the markings required.
If you have pre-existing lines that are in need of a refresh, we offer a shot blasting service that removes the old lines, and treats the concrete ready for the new markings to be laid. Shot blasting also creates grip as part of the process, and greatly lengthens the duration of the markings before they need to be refreshed. You can find out more about shot blasting here.

HSE requirements state that potentially hazardous areas in factories & warehouses are clearly marked, so that employees are safe and understand their working environment.

We understand the requirements for factory floor safety marking standards & will deliver clearly set out boundaries and walkways by our highly experienced, professional team.

We can accommodate your specific requirements for slip resistance. We can define a Slip Resistance Value (SRV) for applied markings for specific areas. You may require a non-slip surface, with a defined SRV, or a smoother more easily cleaned finish.