Shot blasting, floor and surface preparation

When your warehouse or factory floor needs marking, re-marking or returning to its original condition preparation is key to achieving the best end result. 

If you already have health and safety markings that are looking a bit tired, it’s easy to simply have the existing markings painted over. However, in a busy warehouse or factory, with heavy forklift traffic and the movement of stillages and pallets, the new markings wouldn’t last for long. This is because the durability of the new markings is only as good as the paint underneath.

Having to pay for them to be re-painted within a short space of time is much more costly in the long run. Preparing indoor and outdoor surfaces by shot blasting is far more economical before applying the new markings.


How do we do it?

Very small abrasive steel ball bearings are fired under total visual control at your surface, gently etching away surface contaminants.

Clean Dust-Free Surface Cleaning

Shot blasting is a clean and dust-free process. An integral vacuum removes any dust generated for a clean operation, which is also suitable for use in a food preparation environment.

Ideal Finish for Line Marking & Painting

Shot blasting creates an ideal surface for factory and warehouse floor markings. Previously painted or lined areas can be cleaned in preparation for new lines and painted areas to be marked. Shot blasting new floors also creates a surface for maximum bond of the paint.

The finish created by shot blasting depends upon the finish of the existing factory or warehouse floor. Older concrete floors when shot blasted have a finish similar to coarse sandpaper. Newer floors when prepared have a finer dimpling, similar to fine sandpaper. Both are ideal for maximum bond of the new painted area or lines.

We use a small handheld shot blaster for smaller spaces and getting near to walls and objects, which allows us to prepare the entire area for marking.

Complete Shot Blasting & Line Marking Service 

We have been providing companies with health and safety markings for many years, but historically, sub-contractors have almost always carried out the surface preparation.  We have our own team and equipment so the entire process can be carried out by us. This cuts the cost of hiring another company and also reduces the time frame for having work completed from start to finish. Read about 'What is shot blasting?'...



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  • Shot blasting is quick; clean (dust-free); better finish; crisper looking lines; freedom to move the lines to where you want if you’ve realised the existing layout wasn’t the best use of the available space.
  • If you’re vacating your existing workshop / warehouse, we can shot blast the surface clean, and paint it if required, ready for you to hand back to the landlord.
  • Shot blasting is the perfect preparatory operation for achieving the best surface adhesion for your paint system.  




“It’s all in the prep”

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”
Benjamin Franklin


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