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Softball Diamond Line Marking

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Softball is very similar to baseball, played with a softball, where two teams seek to strike the ball thrown by the opponent and traverse four bases.


Under 10

Bases 16.76m (55')

Pitchinq 10.67m (35')

Under 12

Bases 18.29m (60')

Pitching 12.19m (40')

Under 14

Bases 19.81m (65')

Pitching 14.02m (46')

Over 14

Bases 19.81m (65')

Pitching 15.24m (50')



Bases 18.29m (60')

Pitching / Men 14.02m (46')

Pitching / W omen 12.2m (40')

Under 12

Bases 16.76 m (55')

Pitching / Girls 10.67m (35')

Pitching / Boys 12.19m "(40')

Over 12

Bases 18.29m (60')

Pitching / Girls 12.19m (40')

Pitching / Boys 14.02m (46')





PITCHERS CIRCLE: Radius of 2.44m(8').

PITCHERS PLATE: is a piece of heavy rubber measuring 15cm (5") wide by 50cm (24") long.

HOME PLATE: is a five sided piece of heavy rubber measuring 44cm (17") across, and 22cm high (parallel to the inside lines of the batter's box). The remaining sides facing the catcher are 30.5cm long. The distance between the pitcher's plate and the homeplate varies, please see table above.

BATTER'S ON DECK CIRCLES: Radius of 76cm (30").

COACHES BOX: are unclosed rectangles, behind and parallel to the foul line. They are drawn 2.4m (8') from the first and third base, and are 4.57m (15') long, and 0.9m wide.

BATTERS BOX: 1m (3') wide by 2.2m (7') long and are marked one on either side of the home plate.

CATCHERS BOX: 2.75m (8.5') wide and 3.06m (10') long outside the corners of the batter's box.

0.91m (1yd) LINE: Marked halfway between the home plate and first base, parallel to the baseline and 0.9m (3') to the baseline 9.14m (30') in length.

LINE WIDTH: Recommended 12.7cm (5")

COLOUR: White.