Sports Hall Flooring

Sports Hall Flooring & Line Marking Experts based in Worcestershire covering the Midlands and beyond.

We supply & install NEW OR REPLACEMENT flooring for:

  • schools
  • indoor sports courts
  • community centres
  • sports clubs
  • sports halls

Types of flooring:

  • wooden; Parquet (brand) & Junkers (brand)
  • vinyl; polymetric
  • cushion; impact (better quality than domestic)

Type of work done:

We provide floor preparation, sealing & line marking -

one complete service from one supplier - one contact for complete project; the Parallel Lines team!

Let us take responsibility for your new or renovated sports floor...

7 Key benefits:

  1. Project managed - smoother job - seamless. No hiccups or wasted time between floor laying and line marking 
  2. No cancellations: tidy, prompt & reliable
  3. One job = 1 quote
  4. Project managed - we make it happen
  5. One point of contact
  6. Advice: FREE advice on the best products to suit needs and budget. Can it be renovated? Again expert advice - it may not need replacing saving your organisation money!
  7. Price: can be cheaper than two contractors = reduced travel/overheads...or sub-contracting via larger company who take a cut and pass the job on.

Case study/example - how it goes wrong...

  • Client employs two separate contractors - floor laid by one contractor, line marking by another
  • Time & cost of travel to client chargeable, plus hotel stay overnight ready for early start (assuming not local)
  • Arrive prompt at venue ready for early start - find floor not finished or surface not ready for line marking to be done
  • Contractor tries to complete the work but line markings 'bleed' and the client is not happy
  • Turns into a legal wrangle re where fault lies
  • Disputes & unsatisfactory situation - inconvenience & additional costs. HASSLE!

Use Parallel Lines = One contractor - we cover both


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