Is your tennis court ready for the upcoming tennis season?

by Debbie Mann

If your tennis court hasn’t been regularly maintained over the autumn and winter months, moss and debris can build-up on the surface of your court, compromising your court’s grip and drainage. Not only this, but the harsh weather conditions of the autumn and winter months can also cause your court line markings to become faded and the surface of your court to weaken and disintegrate.

Here are some simple tips to get your tennis court ready for the summer.

Moss and weeds

If you have discovered that your tennis court has a build-up of moss and weeds, this can be resolved through the use of a knapsack sprayer and a number of products that are currently available on the market. We use Qualgex when we carry out this maintenance service for businesses, to kill and rid their tennis court of moss and weeds.



Once you have rid your tennis court of moss and weeds, you can then use a high-pressure water washer to remove any debris and improve the drainage. When we clear debris from our client’s tennis courts, we always ensure we are careful not to damage the tarmac surface of the court.


Weakened tennis court surface

Whether your tennis court surface has been damaged from the harsh weather conditions of the autumn and winter months, or whether it has become damaged whilst carrying out maintenance, we can help.

We offer a tennis court painting service, known as both Colour Coating and Zone Marking, which helps to prolong the life of a court’s tarmac surface. However, if your court surface has already been weakened, we will apply a specially formulated product known as a binder before we carry out Colour Coating. Adding this binder will help to hold the surface together, extending the life of the court and providing a professional, textured surface.


Court line markings

The harsh weather conditions of the autumn and winter months can also take its toll on the line markings of your tennis court. We offer a wide range of sports markings services, including tennis court line marking, where we can either mark out completely new lines or we can mark over existing lines.

When we mark out a tennis court, we use two coats of textured paint, to ensure that the court will maintain a fresh, clean appearance throughout the entire tennis season and onwards.

We hope the tips we have provided on tennis court maintenance will help your business to prepare for the upcoming tennis season and if you require any of our services, we are more than happy to discuss your tennis court maintenance with you.

17 Mar 2017
Category: News