Tennis Court Painting & Markings

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Parallel Lines, a line painting company, work alongside Fleet (Line Markers) Ltd. who are one of the worlds leading sports paint manufacturers and who are constantly developing new paints and products.

Tennis court painting & tennis court maintenance

How we can help

We offer a comprehensive range of tennis court maintenance, repair and refurbishment including perimeter fence renewal.

Tennis court cleaning & maintenance

Over time algae, moss and debris build up on the surface of a tennis court, which then impedes the grip and drainage. Find out more about tennis court maintenance & cleaning >>

Parallel Lines recommend the application of an algaecide whilst cleaning thoroughly with a pressure washer. Tennis court painting, known as both Colour Coating and Zone Marking, deliniates the area and prolongs the life of the tarmac surface. Using acrylic and polyurethane paints we will have your old court looking like new without compromising drainage.

Benefit of regular maintenance

If the surface is left too long without maintenance, it will eventually weaken and disintegrate which is known as fretting (rubbing away). If so, before colour coating we apply a specially formulated product known as binder. By adding this to the top layer, the binder will hold the aggregate together, extending the life of the court. Binder also actions the adhesion and life of the textured paint coating.

Two coats of textured paint are applied to ensure the court maintains a fresh, clean appearance throughout the season and provides a professional, textured surface. More about Zone Marking >>

Line Marking

To complete the tennis court, we use good quality paints for line marking using laser guided technology.  These can either be new lines, overmark existing lines or create multiple sports lines such as netball, 5 a-side football, etc. More about Line Marking >>

We are happy to discuss your tennis court maintenance, colour coating & line marking requirements and provide a no obligation quote.  Site visits can be arranged at a time that is suitable for you.

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