What is floor shot blasting?

by Debbie Mann

Shot blasting is the process of ‘blasting’ the floor’s surface, stripping the surface and leaving it clean. This floor preparation and line removal technique not only creates a good clean surface, but also helps to create a textured surface, perfect for creating grip, which paint can be applied on top of to increase the lifespan of the markings.

Here is the process of shot blasting in more detail:

  1. A shot blasting machine is used to fire multiple steel shots at the surface. The steel shot blasts the floor, removing a fine layer of concrete. 
  2. The debris and dirt produced by this technique is sucked back into the shotblasting machine. 
  3. The machine is used until the desired level of abrasion has been achieved on the concrete. 
  4. This method can be used on a number of surfaces, and different settings (speed and amount of release) will be required depending on the surface. 


This method is a highly effective floor cleaning and line removal technique, which is perfect for use on indoor factory floors and markings for the following reasons:

  • It is a cost effective method
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • It is a time saving process 
  • No chemicals are used 

It produces an excellent bonding surface for markings, reducing coating failures

We’ll be discussing the benefits that this method offers in more detail in a future blog, so check back for more posts on the topic.

4 Sep 2017
Category: Parallel Lines Blog