Electric car Charging Bays

Car Parking Bays – They’re more than just white lines

Over the last ten years Parallel Lines have painted many parking bay lines. The majority of bays we paint are the standard size of 2.4m wide by 4.8m long. However, there is now a greater need for different sizes and types of parking bays.

We have always tried to encourage shopping centres; especially, to introduce bigger parking bays, that will easily accommodate larger vehicles. SUVs (sports utility vehicles) are becoming increasingly popular. Nearly half (44%) of all new cars sold in Europe in 2021 are now SUVs.

Parallel Lines have written about this several times on-line, to encourage people to think about larger bays, as SUVs are not going away anytime soon

Parking bays of many colours​

Parking bays are no longer just the boring white lines. Car parks are becoming larger and there are now many different types of vehicle parking bays.

Using colour coating and coding in a car park makes them easier to navigate and safer for any pedestrians.

Blue is most commonly used to indicate for disabled parking bays usually using yellow or white marking paint to create wheelchair symbols.

Parent and child spaces are often white with purple or pink coding and are usually wider than the standard spaces to allow the parents to more easily get their children in and out of the car.

Green is used frequently for electric vehicle charging bays.

Parent and Child parking bay
EV Charging bays

Electric car charging markings

The UK was among Europe’s largest markets for electric vehicles in 2020. Plug-in electric vehicle sales climbed by around 140 percent when compared to 2019 while hybrid electric vehicles saw sales increase by about 12 percent.

Hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles accounted for over 10 percent of car registrations in the United Kingdom in 2020.

The number of electric vehicles on the UK roads is likely to have continued to increase during 2021, largely driven by the sharp increases in petrol prices and fuel shortages as a result of the ongoing supply chain issues.

The UK government has published its Road to Zero strategy, outlining its ambition to see at least half of all vehicles on the UK’s roads be Ultra Low Emission by 2030. This means that the requirement for electric parking bays and charging stations will be considerable.

Parallel Lines parking bay marking

Colour coating Electric Parking bays are something that Parallel lines do on a regular basis. We work for different companies throughout the UK, usually working our way up and down motorway service stations accomplishing three or four jobs during a day.

We also visit car parks of all sizes from huge multi storey and open air shopping villages to a small doctors practice.

We now work with electricians/installers that programme the works efficiently to enable a seamless cooperative service for clients. This means you can get the lines marked and the charging points all installed with the minimum of disruption.

If you are looking for an efficient company to provide the work from start to finish without aggravation of planning in the purchase of equipment, roadworks, electricians, and line-markers, look no further.

Planning every aspect of the work can be organised for you. We work with many different companies and therefore can provide the most competitive prices for installations.

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Electric car Charging Bays