Electric Vehicle Charging Bays

As demand for electric vehicles has increased the need for charging bays has also increased. At Parallel lines we specialise car park line marking and have the expertise to install charging bay markings. We work with electrical contractors to get the charging points installed safely. This allows us to install the bays quickly and efficiently and keep any disruption to a minimum. 

Durable and Long Lasting Markings

Preparation is key to get the best finish and to ensure that the lines are durable and long lasting. Electric car charging markings can be applied to any surface material, however, we commonly apply the markings to concrete, tarmac, and even metal.

Whichever surface we mark on must be clean, clear and contaminate free.

If surfaces require extra preparation we can grind, hydro-blast or captive shotblast to remove contaminants.

Primer can be used to aid with adhesion if required, on all substrates to ensure a good bond, therefore prolonging the lifespan of the product.

Providing clear walkways and zebra crossings is also essential to keep site car park users safe while walking to and from their vehicles. Whatever your car park marking needs, whether you’re looking to design a new car park or remark an existing car park to maximise the space or if you’re a contractor working on a new development, we can help.

Parallel Lines EV Parking Bay Markings
Electric car Charging Bays

Bespoke Symbols and Markings

Electric vehicle bays require a vehicle charging symbol. A simple plug symbol is usually applied however anything is possible. We can design and create custom designs to order or apply company branding.  

The EV bays can be installed in various colours, shapes and sizes. All we need is RAL number, plan/sketch and a timeframe for the installation.

We prefer to paint parking bay and road markings using MMA (Methyl Methcrylate) road marking paint. It is an extremely durable product which is commonly used at high traffic areas such as junctions and roundabouts. MMA is more environmentally friendly than conventional products and is UV stable, meaning it retains its colour for longer. 

However, acrylic paint and preformed thermoplastic can be used for the bespoke designs.

Glass bead can also be added for low light environments to enhance light reflectivity.

Any Site Anywhere in the UK

We have installed EV bay markings all around the UK most commonly in the following places:

  • Motorway Service Stations
  • Supermarket Car Parks
  • Multi Storey Car Parks 
  • Retail Parks
  • Business Parks
  • Office Blocks 
  • Leisure Centres 
  • Distribution Centres 
  • Airports
  • Car show rooms
  • Hospitals
  • Surgeries 
  • New Build Car parks

If you want to discuss any line marking needs then get in touch today.

Electric vehicle charging bay line markings