HGV Testing and Training

With the current shortage of HGV drivers and a backlog of driving tests to clear up, the need for Driver Vehicle Standards Agency Markings (DVSA) at test centres has grown. The correct markings are needed to train the next generation of HGV drivers.

At Parallel Lines we specialise in providing the approved line markings to enable test centres  and other premises to carry out HGV driver training and tests.

Logistics Companies

Logistics companies have a key role in how our modern economy operates. Logistics firms ensure that shops, factories, schools, hospitals and many other types of business are restocked with whatever they need to operate. 

Logistics is one of the UK’s biggest and most complex industries, and is heavily reliant of the transport networks. It has suffered in recent months due to the HGV driver shortage. 

Because of this it is vital to the logistics industry that new drivers are trained as quickly and safely as possible. 

As a result many logistics companies are now having the DVSA approved markings installed at their sites to carry out in house training. 

This will give those candidates an opportunity to practise under test conditions and speed up the process of becoming qualified.

If you would like to discus installing DVSA standard markings for a logistics company then please contact us.

HGV driving test markings
DVSA Line Markings

DVSA Standards and Regulations

We prefer to paint road markings and other exterior lines using MMA (Methyl Methcrylate) road marking paint.

MMA is perfect for DVSA line markings as it is highly durable and is often used on roads in extremely high traffic areas including on roundabouts and junctions.

All of the marking we install for HGV training centres have to meet certain criteria which are governed by the Driver Vehicles Standards Agency. The size of the area marked, the thickness and colour of the lines and even the size of the numbers marked are all specified by the DVSA.

IF you are responsible for a testing centre or a logistics company and are looking to have HGV testing line markings installed then get in touch with Parallel Lines today and our experts can help you plan out and install the appropriate markings that meet DVSA standards.