Health & Safety Line Marking

When it comes to health and safety, ensuring your customers, visitors, and staff are safe is a top priority. After all, accidents can happen, but provided you have done everything you can to make people aware of hazards, minimise risks and prevent potential incidents, you can avoid the consequences of a health & safety breach. If you know your business needs health & safety markings, but you’re not quite sure what you require, we can help. We’ll visit your site to advise you on what is needed, make recommendations and develop a solution that’s tailored to your exact requirements. We work to Health & Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines across a wide range of sectors to provide a bespoke service on every job and help you stay compliant.

Factory line marking

HSE requirements state that you must clearly mark potentially hazardous areas in factories and warehouses to ensure employees are safe and aware of their working environment. We understand the requirements for safety marking standards for factories and warehouse floors and can install clearly set out boundaries and walkways. We provide cost-effective ways to maintain safety in your factory with high quality, durable floor markings.

The timescale for completing the work is agreed with minimal disruption to production and due consideration for machinery in mind. We can accommodate your requirements for slip resistance. We can easily define a Slip Resistance Value (SRV) for markings in specific areas. You may require a non-slip surface with a defined SRV or a smoother, more easily cleaned finish. We also offer shot blasting as part of our service to treat concrete floors before marking for a longer life span to your markings.

Car park marking

We can help you maximise the space in your car park, optimise traffic flow and improve driver and pedestrian safety. We offer a range of solutions for different car park marking requirements, from standard car parks to multi-story and underground parking, allocated spaces, no parking zones and short stay or drop off points. Knowing about your business’ needs will help us identify your requirements, so we’ll work closely with you to define your objectives and deliver a bespoke solution.

We’ve completed car park markings on retail and industrial estates and for private businesses, pubs and restaurants, supermarkets and universities. It’s not just the spaces for parking that are important. Directional arrows, speed limit roundels and hatching can also help alleviate potential problems and improve the site’s safety.
If you share a car park with other businesses, we can brand your spaces with your business name or company logo to ensure your staff and visitors know where they can park.

And if your business requires lorry bays and loading zones as part of your factory or warehouse operation, we can also mark walkways for pedestrians with zebra crossings where necessary.