Commercial Line Marking

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Factories, warehouses and distribution centres are typically busy places with a lot of traffic coming in and out at all times. This can also make them potentially hazardous environments, negotiating vehicles, forklifts and people. Have clear health and safety markings, walkways and demarcation helps to alleviate this and ensure everyone is aware of their surroundings and hazards.


When working in a factory you have to be aware of what is going on around you, especially when machinery is in use. Demarcation and clearly marked walkways are essential for the safety of staff, visitors and contractors on site.

Before we arrive we ensure we know exactly what the requirements are and can also make recommendations where necessary. Many of the factories we have worked at have forklifts or other vehicular traffic coming in and out of the workspace. This requires additional markings to ensure everyone is aware of where pedestrians and vehicles meet, speed limit roundels, as well as the option for parking and loading zones.

If you are storing dangerous or hazardous goods having clearly marked caution or no-go areas is also important for the safety of all. Factory safety markings don’t just have to look good, they have to be clearly understandable and long lasting. Concrete floors that have old markings or other debris on the surface greatly benefit from shot blasting before the new markings are laid.

The process of shot blasting is dust free as an integral vacuum removes any surface contaminants as they are lifted and creates the best possible surface for marking the new lines. Not only will the markings appear brighter they will last much longer because the floor has been properly prepared.

Warehousing & Distribution

We understand that warehouse and distribution centres are busy places and we are happy to fit our work in around the needs of your business. We regularly work at Hermes distribution centres across the UK to provide health and safety markings and we understand that every site has different requirements. Take a look at the case study Hermes has written to find out more about our work there.

Whether you need lorry bays marked, demarcation inside the warehouse, pedestrian walkways, zebra crossings or any other markings we use our years of expert service to deliver jobs on time and on budget to the highest possible standard.

If you need advice on ensuring you’re compliant with your health and safety markings get in touch to arrange for a site visit.