Factory Markings

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When you work in a factory or warehouse environment, health and safety is a priority for you and your employees.

Having clear and consistent factory floor markings is key to ensuring staff and visitors can safely make their way around your site, as well as protecting the workers on the ground. Quite often yellow lines are laid in factories because they are highly visible and can be easily followed. We conduct site visits in order to assess your needs and to advise.

If you have pre-existing lines that are in need of a refresh, we offer a shot blasting service that removes the old lines, and treats the concrete ready for the new markings to be laid. Shot blasting also creates grip as part of the process, and greatly lengthens the duration of the markings before they need to be refreshed. You can find out more about shot blasting here.
Want to know our 10 tips for keeping a factory or warehouse floor safe? Take a look at our blog here.

If your factory or warehouse requires marking or remarking get in touch.