Hermes Case Study

We work with parcel distribution company Hermes Parcelnet Ltd. at their sites all over the UK. Their Health & Safety Manager has provided this case study.

What was the nature of the work carried out by Parallel Lines?

We required a multitude of Heath & Safety line marking throughout our 250,000sqft workplace, consisting of coloured walkways with zebra crossings, fire exit routes, storage and holding bays, along with other compliance markings on site.

Why did you choose our company over the competition?

Hermes had line marking companies in before and the lines didn’t last long enough. We were hoping for a better long-term solution in both durability and cost. Parallel Lines came out to see us and were not at all fazed by the amount of work we required. Having walked around with me for some time asking the right questions, they understood our issues. They suggested doing some trials to see what system worked best. Parallel Lines provided the time and effort to give us solutions.

What results have you seen since the work was completed?

The results have had a beneficial impact across the site inside and out. We have expanded our relationship with Parallel Lines and have chosen them to carry out all our line marking. The team is so easy to work with on site or over the telephone. On occasion we have completely revamped our plans at the last moment and Parallel Lines were flexible enough to meet and exceed our demands.

What was your experience of working with Parallel Lines, from first contact to job completion?

Great team who have worked all around our large site. Their team has always put safety above all else. As a business, Hermes has to respond to ever changing demands on their resource and this hasn’t always been easy for them to carry out their workload during our working hours. Our Rugby Super Hub is a really busy place, but they understand our environment and just get on with the job. Nothing has been an issue and their office backup has proved to be most useful when support has been needed.

What would you tell others who might be considering their services? Would you recommend them?

Parallel Lines have been back here several times now and know the place well. The company is so impressed with their work and attitude to work they now fulfil contracts for Hermes throughout the UK. This requires them to travel from Scotland to Kent and everywhere in-between to service our network. It’s never too much trouble for these guys. Hermes recommends David and his team. I believe their motto should be ‘Consider it done!’ Hermes is looking forward to a long and fruitful association as we look to the future.