How long does shot blasting take?

We always recommend shot blasting to prepare surfaces ready for line marking. If you’ve had line laid before it’s essential to remove all traces of the old markings, if you’re having lines marked on a surface that doesn’t have existing markings shot blasting is still important as it removes the top layer of concrete and any dirt or marks and creates a surface with the optimum bond for the markings. Shot blasting will increase our time on site while we do this key surface preparation but how long it takes depends entirely on the type of line markings to be laid. A simple two-lined walkway with a walking man symbol requires two shot blasted lines and a small area for the symbol. A heavily marked area with zebra crossings or full demarcation requires a much larger surface area to be shot blasted before marking.

Is it worth it?

Yes, definitely! Not only will your markings be brighter and more visible, they will last longer, saving you money in the long run! You will need to have them replaced or refreshed far less often because they have been laid on the ideal surface in the first place.

Isn’t it a messy process?

Actually no it’s not. Shot blasting works by a number of steel balls being fired at the surface to remove the top layer but there is an integral vacuum that removes the debris as it is being lifted from the surface, making it a dust-free process that is also suitable for food environments.

Can we make the process of shot blasting and line marking any quicker for you?

Yes there are definitely ways to help speed up the process. Firstly, ensuring all your staff are aware we are coming and that the area to be marked is clear. If you are booking the work for a site you don’t work at it’s essential that the team and manager are aware of this as we have had instances where we have turned up to work and no one was expecting us! Also if our team needs to attend a site induction or provide RAMS please let us know in advance. Don’t forget we will always work around you and your requirements. We offer rates for weekend work and jobs that start after 5pm, but please be aware that these can get booked up months in advance due to high demand. The earlier you let us know about your line marking requirements the better all round.