Is your business ready for the Christmas rush?

If you work in a distribution centre or you sell products to the public it’s likely that the next few months are going to be some of the busiest of the year. We know that during lockdown Royal Mail and other distribution companies experienced levels of parcels being sent while we were confined to our homes that exceeded what would be sent over Christmas, and with tiered lockdowns in place across the UK it’s set to be even busier this Christmas and Black Friday so ensuring you are prepared is the key to success.

Each year as we head towards Black Friday, Christmas, and January sales, the UK spends an excessive amount; in 2017 it was estimated that £19 billion was spent on presents alone by consumers (not to mention the over 400 million sprouts eaten!). This puts a lot of pressure on distribution centres to fulfil orders on time, especially with the rise of unlimited next day delivery that has become increasingly popular. With the chance that there may be delays in packages being received planning needs to be in place with temporary staff and transparency to customers about lead times on sending and receiving. If there are likely going to be delays it’s a good idea to bring final posting days earlier to cope with the potential backlog.

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Having clear processes is key, but also ensuring your health and safety markings are up to date is crucial, especially if you are taking on temporary seasonal staff. Having more parcels to house and redirect to recipients likely means more trolleys and bays being needed so adding in new markings for these makes it clear where things need to go.

We have helped businesses reconfigure their markings for Christmas to ensure they can keep staff safe and goods moving effectively. With this is mind, is your site ready for a busy period?

Take some time to assess that all signage is in place and visible, that walkways and no-go areas are clearly marked, and that fire routes and exits are not obstructed. Ask your staff if they have any health and safety concerns that needs addressing or ways to improve what’s there currently that could benefit the workforce.

If you need help or advice don’t hesitate to get in touch on with your requirements.