Llanelli Magistrates Court

Llanelli Magistrates Court, you guessed it is a Magistrates Court in Llanelli, Wales. They approached Parallel Lines intending to implement fresh line markings around the court site. Addressing a growing concern about public and staff safety.

The project aim was to enhance the health and safety of the site, through implementing step edges, keep clear hatch markings and a disabled parking bay.

The Problem

Llanelli Magistrates Court had identified a lack of health and safety at their site and wanted to address this issue as soon as possible. They particularly noticed that their site lacked safety markings on steps, ramps and within their car park. 

This was a concern that they wanted to fix fast, so we made our suggestions and got cracking with the work.

The Solution

Parallel Lines developed a tailored solution to resolve the issues raised by the client and this was to implement fresh safety-driven line markings by adding step edges, keep clear hatch markings and a shiny new disabled parking bay.

This conclusion was found after our team attended the site and completed an assessment, which included a comprehensive assessment of the site’s ramps, steps and car park surroundings.

Once the assessment was complete and the client informed us they were happy with our suggestions, we implemented our tailored solution.

High-visibility colours and materials were employed consistently in the project to guarantee optimal visibility, even in low-light conditions.


The implementation phase of the line marking project at Llanelli Magistrates Court showcased our dedication to precision, safety, and client satisfaction.

By strategically addressing our client’s health and safety concerns, we not only met the client’s expectations but also contributed to the overall well-being of the court’s occupants.

The successful execution of this project exemplifies our commitment to excellence in every aspect of line marking services.