My thoughts

From the beginning of the pandemic, with all its challenges, to now be in the position of hiring a Contracts Manager, I am pleased that we can now move forward and be excited for the future of Parallel Lines.

The restructuring of Parallel Lines has kept me busy for almost two years. We now have two companies sitting side by side. Parallel lines (Marking) Limited which deals with all the commercial line marking in factories or road line marking, and our new company PL Sports and Playgrounds that focuses on just schools and sports as the name suggests.

The Covid Business loan helped in making all this a possibility. With the loan in place, we managed a buy-out of company shares, investment in vehicles, plant/machinery, and the impending appointment of a contracts manager.

There is only one way to go now – and that is forwards.

Whatever the future holds for Parallel lines, our team will embrace it wholeheartedly.

Other individuals and companies have endured so much during the pandemic and have managed to overcome many stresses and pressures.

On a personal basis, the upheaval of divorce, restructuring the business, house renovation and the pandemic was a blow, but it has given me time to reflect on what is important and what is just noise. 

To those of you that have been through the mill, I wish you all good fortune and positivity for the future.