What is hydroblasting?

Hydroblasting is the removal of dirt, debris, and in our case old line markings using water. The beauty of hydroblasting is that there are no chemicals involved; the sheer force of the water is able to lift contaminants from the surface effortlessly, but that’s not all! Hydroblasters collect the debris and recycle the (cleaned) water to be used again.

With the world looking to how it can protect the environment we know that hydroblasting will become the norm for removing lines and cleaning surfaces. Apart from the environmental factors, hydroblasting is extremely precise.

In the job pictured below the old car park lines were removed by hydroblasting. We had been asked to completely reconfigure the car park markings as you can see.

Before, during and after

Hydroblasting won’t damage the surface like some other methods of line removal can, no heat is used greatly reducing fire hazards and it is a quick and easy process. On certain jobs we recommend hydroblasting as the best form of line and marking removal, which is discussed during your initial enquiry depending on the requirements of the job.