What line markings do I need in my factory?

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We understand the requirements that factories and warehouses have for their floor markings, so whether it be Health and Safety markings, other typical floor markings or bespoke markings that your factory needs, Parallel Lines are your one-stop-shop to meet all of your line markings needs. 

We work closely with our clients when designing the layout of factory floor markings, to ensure they are suitable and make the most of the space available. Line markings are a great way to help you create an efficient workplace that meet your needs, whilst also meeting all regulations and Health and Safety legislations. 

Health and Safety Markings 

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has a set of requirements that all factories and warehouses must abide by to ensure the safety of all employees and visitors. 

We work closely with all of our clients, to help them assess their existing space, whether that be one area of their factory or warehouse, or across their entire factory floor. We will then work to help them understand the different Health and Safety markings that this space requires and where these markings need to be placed. 

From marking potentially hazardous areas in factories with a clear ‘No Entry’ marking or hatched markings, to markings that help to keep both pedestrians and vehicles working in perfect harmony within the same space. 

The HSE advises that if vehicles are used within a workplace, the routes these take should be separate to the routes marked out for pedestrians. If you are unable to achieve this due to restricted space, then it is vital that you have clear floor markings in place to keep both those working on foot and those operating vehicles safe. This can be easily achieved through markings such as pedestrian walkways, forklift and vehicle lanes, zebra crossings and more. 

Generic Floor Markings 

We recognise that factories and warehouses also often require markings to help with bulk storage, the use of transport inside the factory, such as forklift and other machinery, and for specifying boundaries. 

We offer a range of markings to help meet these requirements. Simple lines can be marked out to create areas for storage, whether this be to store machinery, pallets or for other items specific to the logistics and supply industry. We can also use hatched and ‘No Entry’ markings as well as walkways to create specifying boundaries around these storage areas to keep employees away from certain areas and to help improve the way your business operates. 

In terms of transport inside your building, drive through hatches, forklift lanes, equipment parking lines, directional arrows and speed signage are essential to improve both efficiency and safety.    

Outdoor Markings 

We can also install all of the markings we have mentioned above outside at your site, using products and materials specifically designed to be used outdoor, to withstand varying weather conditions. These markings can help to maintain workplace efficiency outside of your factory or warehouse too. 

We also offer car park marking services, to help you achieve a safe and efficient car park for your employees and visitors. Just like the inside of a factory, businesses are also required to ensure their car park meets the safety standards set by the Health & Safety Executive. 

Our team have years of experience marking out car parks, no matter the size or the requirements of the client. Commercial delivery areas and customer and staff car parks are just two styles of car parks that we have previously installed at factory and warehouse sites, to maintain efficiency and safety.  


For large corporate businesses and those in the logistics and supply chain sector, we often see that they require their factory floor markings to also tie in with their brand. This can be achieved through adding the business’s logo to areas of their factory floor and also painting the markings in a colour that perfectly matches their corporate colours used in their branding. 

We are delighted to have such an experienced and specialist team who can create bespoke markings, such as business logos. We also offer a bespoke paint service, where we can source paint that perfectly matches your branding colours, so your factory floor markings perfectly reflect your branding. 

For example, we have recently worked at several Hermes sites across the country, to install a range of markings at their factories. We marked out these markings using a bespoke paint that perfectly matches the blue that is synonymously associated with the brand. 


No matter what your requirements may be, we can create the line markings to meet your wants and needs. We can achieve bespoke markings by creating a unique stencil for you, or we sometimes will mark out bespoke markings freehand; it entirely depends on what the client is asking for. Get in touch with your requirements by emailing info@pl-linemarking.co.uk today.