What line markings do you need in distribution centres?

Distribution centres are busy and fast-paced places. Items move in and out all the time, which is why it’s vital to have a clearly marked out site for everyone working and visiting.

We spend a lot of our time doing internal and external line marking and surface preparation at distribution centres across the UK. Some have been as big as 3 football pitches! When you’re working at this scale, having a clearly laid out plan is key for all contractors who are brought in to help make it safe and ready to be used.

We have worked on live sites that are in operation as well as sites that are being set up ready to open. With all our years of experience we can offer advice and guidance on the different types of line marking that is needed, as well as best practice.

Some of the most commonly installed line markings at distribution centres include:



Forklift truck bays

Lorry bays

Restricted areas

Hazardous waste areas

Speed Roundels


Loading bays and pallet/trolley storage

Fire door markings

Zebra crossings

We often shot blast the area first to prepare it for line marking; this is especially important in the high traffic areas where the markings will need to stand up to heavy use. Shot blasting leaves the surface in the best condition for line marking as the paint is able to bond to the surface most effectively. Shot blasting also creates grip and a non-slip surface, both of which are important for everyone using the site.

If your distribution centre could use a refresh of the health and safety markings, or your business could benefit from some additional markings you can get in touch via the Contact Us page.