What should you consider with car park markings?

A car park should meet the wants and needs of the business, in terms of capacity, whilst making a customer’s experience a safe and positive one.

Your car park will most likely be the first part of your business that a customer will see, so it is important that your car park makes the best possible impression.

If you have a newly laid car park that requires markings, or you are looking to remark your existing car park, here are a  few things that are important to consider when deciding on the type of markings you want and where you want them added.


No matter the size of the area you have available for your car park, you will want to maximise this space to achieve the best capacity possible.

In order to achieve this, it is important that you take the time when considering the different types of markings you want included, how many spaces you ideally want to create and how these markings will all fit and work together.

We have a number of years experience working with businesses to create car parks that perfectly meet their requirements, so if you have ideas in mind for your car park, we can work with you and offer advice to get the best possible car park line markings for your requirements within the available space.

Health and Safety

Whilst on your property, your car park users are all under your care. Therefore it is your duty to ensure that your car park has been marked out in line with Health and Safety requirements, and that you have markings in place to safeguard all of your car park users, including drivers, pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists.

Car park markings such as pedestrian walkways, cycle lanes, ‘No Parking’ areas and hatched areas are all examples of the different types of markings that can help you to achieve a safe car park, so it is important that you consider these markings when creating a plan for your car park.

Catering to all users

One other factor we would advise you consider for your business car park is who it caters to.

Of course, your car park needs to cater to car drivers, but do the size of the car park spaces you have planned cater to all sizes of cars, from a smart car to a 4-wheel drive?

Also, disabled and parent and child parking spaces are important and need to be clearly marked out.

The popularity of electric vehicles has increased in the UK over recent years. you should also consider whether you are going to be having electric vehicle parking spaces installed within your car park.

Finally, not all your car park users will necessarily be driving a car. You should consider creating spaces specifically sized for motorcycles and areas where cyclists can securely park and leave their bicycles.


Finally, we would also advise that you consider maintenance when planning your car park- how often you will need to do this and what type of maintenance you will need to do.

Car park markings and the surface itself need maintaining, to keep your car park safe and effective for your customers and to keep the markings bold and visible, but we know finding the time to carry out this maintenance can prove difficult.

For example, if you’re a business such as a supermarket, your car park can be used 7 days a week, so you are going to have difficulty finding the time to maintain your car park. Therefore, you will want your markings installed using a material that is durable and easy to clean.

When we work with businesses to create their car parks, the materials we use when adding their car park hatchings are both durable and easy to clean – depending on the surface and the material that the client wants to go with, some markings can be cleaned easily using a power washer.