Why is shot blasting so effective?

Floor shot blasting is the cleaning of and line removal from concrete floors – perfect for factories, warehouses and distribution centres.

Here are our top 10 reasons we recommend shot blasting:

  1. It’s a simple process involving small steel balls that are fired at the surface to remove old lines and marks
  2. No waste is left behind as debris is collected by an external vacuum
  3. It’s dust free and can be used in food environments
  4. It creates an ideal surface for markings to be laid on and the profiling creates grip on a smooth surface
  5. New markings last for longer because they have been laid on a clean and clear surface
  6. Working with a company who can shot blast and line mark saves time and money as you’re working with one company
  7. It’s a quick and safe method of line removal for trained operatives to use
  8. It leaves a clean and neat edge ready for those straight lines
  9. It doesn’t damage the surface and only removes what’s necessary
  10. It’s a more controlled and consistent method of removing old markings

At Parallel lines we know the importance of surface preparation before adding any line markings. Find out more about shot blasting and other floor preparation techniques of get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.