Are you meeting your health and safety needs?

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If you work in a busy factory, warehouse or distribution centre you know that health and safety line markings are essential. When a site operates machinery, has forklifts and lorries coming and going, plus employees on the floor it is absolutely essential to have the right markings in place to keep everyone safe.

HSE has a wealth of information on how to keep the workplace safe, including this guide to workplace transport safety for employers. Did you know that every year approximately 50 people are killed and 5,000 more are injured in accidents involving workplace transport?

Source: HSE website

Having the correct signage in place that is clear to see and understand can be the difference between life and death. Our customers and clients usually know the health and safety line markings they want to have installed or refreshed, and we often make recommendations during site visits or when we are discussing line marking work.

We are passionate about health and safety in the workplace and ensuring businesses have the best markings they can to help reduce the rates of workplace accidents and injuries. If you're in need of new markings, a refresh of old and worn markings or you need to change your markings contact us for a no obligation free quote. Here are some of the health and safety line markings we have installed:


Forklift symbol

Lorry parking symbol

Forklift warning symbols and instructions

Creating walkways for pedestrians

Walkways and pallet storage

Outdoor walkway

Walkways with do not stop hatching

Hazardous waste signage

Safety edging on steps and the curb

Stop sign

Forklift truck parking