Don’t put off your line marking!

We know how everyone gets bogged down with to do lists. But one you ought not to neglect, is the health & safety aspect around your site. To protect your staff, clients, and visitors whilst on your premises, is important as you have a duty of care towards them. Sites that are well marked out clearly will help to alleviate stress, confusion and possible accidents.

We have written a blog for you outlining the importance of line marking and how they will have a big impact on your business.

The Importance of Line Marking

We’ve talked previously about how car park markings are great for customer service, but they are also important for the health and safety of your clients and visitors.

One of the most important uses of line marking in a car park, is separating traffic from people. By clearly marking out pedestrian areas you can minimise the risk of accidents occurring on your premises. 

Having highly visible parking spaces can help you make the most efficient use of the space available in your car park. Marking can also be applied to ensure that cars don’t park in front of loading bays and fire exits.

At Parallel Lines we also provide marking services for inside businesses too. From warehouses and factories to distribution centres, it is vitally important to have the correct signage and markings. 

Health and safety can’t be viewed as an afterthought; it is fundamental to the safety of those who work with you and those who visit you. Take a look at the statistics below from the HSE website – even basic health and safety training, procedures and policies could quite possibly have prevented a number of these incidents.

We get a number of enquiries from businesses that need line marking completed in a short timeframe. We will always try to accommodate these requests but we do get booked up well in advance, especially for weekend work.

If you take into account the possible implications of waiting to get safety markings installed, you may need to consider prioritising it on your list. If you need advice, we are always happy to discuss your requirements.