Key Line Marking Considerations when Moving to a New Site

Moving to a new site can be an exciting time for a business, but it can also become stressful and daunting.

The well-known saying that comes to mind for us when we think about moving properties is – ‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’.

It is vital that you have invested time in planning and preparing to make sure the move goes as smooth as possible to minimise downtime.

Ensuring your site will run safely and effectively

We advise that you take the time to review your new site, consider what line markings you need and arrange for them to be laid before you move in.

This planning will save you time in the long run, ensure you are meeting Health and Safety requirements and regulations. It will help your operation run effectively and efficiently from the offset.  

Whilst the work is taking place, you can stay at your existing site and when it comes time to move, you will be all set to go – resulting no downtime for your business.

The condition of your old site

It is also important to consider line markings when preparing your existing site for departure.

Whether you are selling your site or leaving a rented property, you may be required to reinstate the space to its original state.

To achieve this, you may require the removal of line markings which is where shot blasting can play a vital role.

Shot blasting is the process of ‘blasting’ the floor’s surface, stripping the surface and leaving it clean. This method is a highly effective line removal technique and is perfect for use on warehouse and factory floors, as it is cost effective, environmentally friendly, a time saving process and does not use chemicals, meaning it won’t cause damage to the floor’s surface.