Line marking in a car park

Marking lines and drying times

At Parallel lines we mark all kinds of surfaces, interior and exterior. So the type of job will also determine the type of line marking paint we need.

Depending on the type of product we use, the curing time ranges from minutes to 7 days for a full cure. There are also other factors that can affect the drying times of line marking products.

Temperature and humidity

The ambient temperature and the temperature of the surface being painted has a big influence on drying and curing times. 

When using hot melt thermoplastic road marking paint, especially in very cold weather, as soon as the hot product touches the cold surface, it solidifies going from around 200°c down to the ground temperature in a matter of seconds. This is then ready to be driven on after a minute or two.

In very warm weather, this can change to five or six minutes due to the surface being very warm. 

So, in short, the higher the ambient temperature the longer it takes to go off.

We also use acrylic paints that act in almost the opposite way. In very warm weather, lines painted in acrylic paint can sometimes be used after five minutes, whereas in the cold weather it takes far longer to set. 

Line Thickness

When applying line marking sprays, we usually use an airless sprayer. To achieve a consistent line thickness it is important to walk at a constant speed.

The slower you walk, the thicker the paint, the faster you walk, the thinner the paint. This affects the drying times.


Generally, the longer lasting paint types take longer to fully cure.

We use MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) screeds and sprays more often nowadays. The hardwearing nature of the product means the lines last far longer than conventional plastics and acrylic paints. However, the drying times are quite a bit longer.

If we were to apply a screed line using a hand mould system, we would expect the line to take around 10 – 15 minutes to dry if the temperature was around 15°c whereas at 20°c and hotter this can be greatly reduced to around 5 minutes. If the temperature is 10°c or cooler,  we would expect the curing time to be around 20 – 25 minutes and sometimes even longer.

Electric vehicle charging bay line markings

Two pack epoxy paints have a much longer curing product time.  It can take up to 12 hours to dry depending on temperature.

We have seen in the past where customers have used a two pack epoxy paint and thought it was dry, driven over it, and put tyre marks in it. This is because usually after 2 hours or so, it would be touch dry. The very top surface of the paint is smooth, and you can touch it without getting any paint on your hand but below the dry surface, a chemical reaction is still taking place.

Once the chemical reaction has finished, usually 12 hours later, a solid resin type of finish is what you’re left with.

When using two pack epoxy paints, anti skid aggregate can be used for great slip resistance. We usually do this on walkways, slopes, and entrances to buildings for forklift trucks (FLT’s) especially when the surfaces are wet as FLT’s can often slip and slide on wet surfaces very easily.

Another product that takes a very long time to cure is 2 pack PU or polyurethane paints. These paints can sometimes take up to 7 days to fully cure. With this being said, the PU range of paints are a very long-lasting option as they stand up to a lot.

You would most likely find these paints being used at car garages as they are very resistant to oils and are a hard-wearing product. Damage is unlikely to be caused by tools being dropped onto the surface.

These paints can also have the anti-slip grain incorporated to create a safe passage for pedestrians and machinery such as FLT’s.

Parallel Lines Line Marking Services

Parallel Lines can help with any kind of line marking requirements for your business. If you would like to fond out more abut our service then please get in touch.

Line marking in a car park